Thursday, June 21, 2007

Expecting the Unexpected

Okay, so I've spent a vast majority of my time lately reading other PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) blogs, and trying to get a handle on what I've gotten myself into. I thought I'd compile a list to encompass the main themes:

1)Eating parts of an animal I never would have guessed were edible.
I have read stories about eating sheeps FACES!!! Cow tongue with a glaze of cow ear (not sure I understand this, but that's what I've been told), homemade Horse sausages (made as they originally were, look it up) etc.

2) Vodka, and lots of it, often home made. I'm actually looking forward to preparing myself for this aspect.

3) Squating: specifically, over a hole in an outhouse

4) Dog bites: it seems that even if I can manage to find one or two friendly dogs wherever I'm at, I can expect to be bit at least once.

5) Geese, and probably aggressive. I don't know if it's considered offensive to kick another man's goose, but I know I consider another mans goose bite to be offensive, and I'm prepared to go for 3 points if one of those suckers gets into kicking distance of me.

6) Poop, everywhere. Randy would probably love it, but stories of vast fields of dung throughout the streets doesn't appeal to me

7) Falling, frequently and painfully on the sheets of ice that seem to coat everything in Kazakhstan in the winter

8) Strange and exciting sports: soccer may be a major national pasttime, which I am very much loking forared to, but I have also read about goat carcass polo type matches, horseback wresting and more exotic activities

9) Friendly and talkative people: It seems the host families, their friends, neighbors, and anybody else I might meet seem to be excited to talk and practice English or pamper me, etc.

10) Holidays: The Kazakh people seem to love a celebration, and apparently have plenty of holidays. Dancing, singing, drinking (see #2), food and friends are the most common themes for these events.

That's all I have for now. I'm incredibly excited for this, and the more I read the more I want to get started right away. I'm jealous of people that already get to experience all of this, and there is nothing that I'm not looking forward to. Except maybe Sheep's face, I hear it's not so good.

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Catherine Taylor said...

Jeff, You do not know me but I work with your dad. This was a great read, hoping you keep it up with lack of internet time and location entertaining followers and keeping your mom and dad happy hearing something about your life and accomplishments!

I am passing your blog link along to my son, Greg who is finishing his senior year and not sure what direction to go...

Sending you well wishs,

Catherine Taylor