Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick Post

Okay, I only have a few more minutes before I have to jet. My family has been wihtout internet and I've been too lazy to come to the one internet cafe in town. I finally broke down, so here's the quick skinny.

I finished teaching today. I found out I'm going to a village of 5000 people north of Pavlodar, called Zhelizinky (I don't have the paper, so the spelling may be off). If you want to send me letters, email me at and I will send my address, though it is going to change in about a month when I move to this tiny permanent site. It's way in teh north and gets to -40 degrees, so it should be awesome.

What else...I don't know right now, I'll work on it later. But next week I will be staying in Hotel Kazakhstan for a conference. Three days with free wireless internet. After that a 40 hour train ride out to visit my permanent site and teach for a few days, then back to Almaty for two more weeks. That's all for now, take care all.



alex said...

How is your Russian coming along? All I really remember is sabaka. I am sorry that you're going somewhere so cold. It sounds like third world Wisconsin.

In fantasy football you are currently 2-3 which puts you in 8th of 10.

Lea Soper & Aaron Whitehill said...

North = bacon, right? Very nice!