Monday, March 17, 2008

Things are looking up

It’s amazing the difference one day can make. Those of you that read my last blog may have noticed that it sounded a bit depressed and lonely. It was. I was. The day after posting that, however, I had a complete turnaround. I was teaching on my own that day, the English teacher I usually work with, Tanya, had gone into the city for a few days. The first two days she was gone, I didn’t know I’d be alone. This day, however, I knew. I made lesson plans and got myself prepared. I ran a very good class with my 8th graders that they all enjoyed. One student told me I should always teach the class on my own because it’s better than when Tanya is there.
It was an awesome compliment and made me feel so much better. Just that one little thing to make me feel that much better. I told her that it wasn’t likely to happen that I’d teach this class all myself, but thanks anyway. My other three classes that day went well also, and I had English Club with my older students, which is also pretty interesting.
I also traveled into the city to pick up train tickets for the coming holiday. It is Nauryz, the biggest holiday of the year, and I’m going to Shymkent with a bunch of other volunteers where the biggest celebration in Kazakhstan is held! It’s been a blast every year I’m told, and I’m really looking forward to it. The city was uneventful this time, nothing particularly interesting going on there. Didn’t even get a chance to visit the other volunteers there. I’ll see most of them in a few days though, so no biggie.
There isn’t much else to talk about here. I just wanted to reassure you all that I’m doing good, though still adjusting. Times are hard, especially after a few months of isolation from my friends (from training) and in general being away from the family. I’m closing in on my 7th month in this country. I’ve been here already a quarter of my time, which seems amazing to me. Time is flying by, even when I’m depressed and faster still when I’m in a really good mood. I’ll see you all in no time. Thanks for your comments and for taking an interest. Take care all.


rwhitehi said...

I want to be you! 7 months in and jsut starting to get the feel for traveling, meeting people and to have the language skills to make it work...winter is tough, but travel will make it fun! Lots of people stateside following this adventure, keep up the good work, and the good writings...if we can feel the are writing well. Dadad

alex said...

I am glad you're feeling better. I am sure things will get a lot better as spring rolls around. I never felt down here over the winter, but once all the snow started melting I just felt awesome. I think snow everywhere looks really bleak and I am sure come spring plants will be growing, you'll be speaking Russian like a pro and everything will just be a ton of fun.

Trav said...

We've still got all that good snow on over here. All the roads except for the very small residential streets are clear now though. It's staying light until 8:15pm now which is a nice change.

The feeling of spring coming is good. It lightens your spirits. Summer is when you do all your traveling. Take advantage!

Teli said...

Good words.

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