Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the Street

First thing you all get to hear about: my living situation. Do to a "disagreement" (those are some pretty big quotation marks, and very sarcastic) with my host mom over money issues, I have been moved out of my original host family and am living with my counterpart for now. His house is great, he's got cable, internet, indoor toilet etc. My host mom and I are no longer speaking, which I don't regret much at all. The rest of the host family, at least sister and cousins who I've talked to all seem to still think I"m pretty cool. It was a bad living situation though, and it got worse and worse, so I'm glad to be out of there, and I'm looking for a new family. Slava has told me repeatedly that I can stay with him, his wife and daughter as long as I like, so I'm going to do that until I find a family I really enjoy. I would live with Slava permanently if his daughter, who is 2 (and they don't call them the terribles for nothing), didn't decide it was fun to wake me up at 7.30 or earlier every morning.
His wife thinks I'm the funniest guy, and tells me when I came the first time it was like talkign to a 3 year old. Now I'm somewhere in the preteen, adolescent years. Soon I'll be rebellious, staying out late without calling, listening to strange music in my room, dating and all that good stuff. Anyway, it's a really entertaining time in general, so I'm not complaining.

In othew news, it was Nora's birthday on the 13th and I celebrated with her and her friends in a cafe. We had a nice feast, a good amount of drinking and then dancing. The night started all about Nora, with toasts and presents. But once the dancing started, it was all about Darin! He was king of the dance floor. He would have been perfectly at home had there been multicolored tiles flashign on the floor and the Beegees playing in the background. He had all the hot 70's dance moves down, while most of the rest of us (including women) did the awkward white guy shuffle. You know you're in trouble when you realize you've been stealing dance moves off the worst dancer in the room, and he's been doign the same to you. The whole night was a pretty big success though, I enjoyed it.

Now, there are rumors going around about me coming back sometime in July to visit and all that good stuff. I want to say, once and for all, they are totally true. It was an idea for awhile in my head, and it grew and grew until I just had to come home. I couldn't wait any longer, I miss her so much. You know... the Italian BMT from Subway. I've gotta have it. So I"m coming back, eating my sandwhich and visiting with whoever I can between trips to Subway. I should be around for 2 to 3 weeks, starting in early July. When I get my plane tickets, I'll let you know. Here is a short list to tide y'all over of my plans as of today:

1) The BMT
2) Family time
3) Soccer Tennis
4) Hockey (4 ed)
5) American Football (no, it's not like rugby)
6) Lean...Extra Lean Steak
7) Go to the movies
8) Camping/Hiking
9) Cocktail Carousel adn CoD2
10) Ragazzi and Pizza Bank

The list goes on, I"ve written more, but maybe I'll save it for a later post. For now, take care all of you, see you in a few months.


Randy said...

I want to go hiking with you and we'll see if a round of golf can happen too.

Wendy said...

I'm thinkin with an indoor toilet, and all the other amenities, you should find a way to deal with the two year old. Maybe a lock on the door? Or maybe go to bed earlier so 7:30 doesn't seem so rough? (Sorry, that was the mom in me talking)We can't wait to see you. It was nice to see that family was 2nd on the list, after the BMT!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking there has to be way to get a goat carcass on the golf course. I will work on that. Hopefully you will get the details worked out so we can only do fun things, but warning...your room is now a "quilt haven" and maybe we can add a rental 2year old for an alarm clock for you! Nice blog! DADAD

alex said...

Sorry to hear you had issues with your old host mom but I'm glad you're in a better situation now.

I wish I was around for the summer. Last summer was so awesome and frankly just living in that house was amazing. Its not like there is anything wrong in Wisconsin but its not the same without you guys. Like playing CoD2 and suffering blowouts was quality time like you can't understand if you weren't there.

Trav said...

Now I know for sure you're a UW alum.

Liz said...

You have cable and internet and an indoor toilet??? Why the hell didn't I do Peace Corps?