Thursday, December 25, 2008

A late Christmas poem

Here's a Christmas poem for you guys, in the tradition of last year. You may not understand all the jokes, but I hope you enjoy:

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the land
not a creature was stirring,
Not even in Kazakhstan
This ain't a repeat of last year
I'd never be so lame
give me a little credit
I do have a modicrum of shame
Since landing in this country
over a year has gone past
where I used to daily freakout
Now I'm sure I can last
Bring on the vodka
Bring on the Russian
Though after a few shots
I may star blushin
I can tell a good joke
and give an eloquent toast
these people now love me,
though I do hate to boast
I've learned to love this country
where I'm too small for my pants
and people seem to think,
I know how to dance
I used to tremble and cry
when I thought of the time left
now thoughts of leaving
leave me quite bereft
Not to say I don't miss home
and this season is quite hard,
when I prefer eggs and coffee can bread,
I get porridge and slices of lard
My presents are stacked
beneath my glass mirror
though they lose much meaning,
without those I hold dear
With all of the new 20's
I must be a rock
cause with their tear filled eyes
I see they're still in shock
Trust me young ones
when I tell you this fact
of all the 19's
Not a one hasn't cracked
Not a year ago
I was crying for mommy
now all that I need
is a sandwhich of pickles and salami
Now a short message to mom
who may end up in tears
I assure you all is well
Nothing I can't fix with a few beers
Now it's time to celebrate
this wonderful time
cause soon we'll be home
with no job and not a dime
The economy is failing
and jobs are not found
all through Kazakhstan
talk of the criziz is around
Better to be in a job
that pays us no bucks
than begging for work
at one of Sasser's Schucks
So thank your lucky stars
you're in this crazy place
your service may feel like forever
but it flys at a quick pace
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Goodnight.

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